There are a lot of sights and programms for our guests to choose from. The National Historical Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer; the largest sodic lake of the country, the lake Fehér; the thermal bath in Kiskunmajsa; Szeged, the fourth biggest town of Hungary attract thousends of people in the region and make it possible for everyone to find a proper way of relaxation and entertainment.


The settlement belonged to Szeged from 1725. The homestead area around it was devided into smaller administrative units (Kapitányság). Szeged-Felsõ was established in the upper part of Balástya. The administrative and cultural center was inaugurated on the 26. of October, 1891. Mikszáth Kálmán ... (more)

National Historical Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer

The Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park is located on a 55 hectare nature conservation area where - according to Anonymus, the early Middle Ages historiographer - the leaders of the conquering Hungarians agreed on the laws of the country here. During excavations started in 1970, the ruins of the Monastery of Szer were found here. To commemorate traditional folk architecture of the Great Plain, exhibition halls of the Open Air Ethnographic Museum were erected, together with a range of jurtas in which scientific ... (more)

Lake Fehér

Móra Ferenc wrote about it: „What is the Lake Fehér? The largest sodic pond of the Great Plain. When it feels alright, it is a 5000-hectare sea reaching from Szeged to Kistelek. It takes a train half an hour to go past. There are so many fish in it, that even a puli would eat fish if it could put up with the muddy taste of them. When the... (more)


Szeged offers an experience unequal to any visitor of the city. Its sights, like the Votive church, the Synagogue, the Hero's Arch, the Ferenc Móra Museum all give such a distinct character to the city, that it is safe to say: Szeged is the gem of the Great Plains. The renovated shops, cafés and beautiful buildings of the Karasz street give it a Mediterranean feel, which makes strolling though the downtown area a delight. On the Klauzál square, which virtually splits the pedestrian only street in half, one can enjoy the delicious pastries of the famous Virág confectionary shop. The city of Szeged existed even during the time of the Roman Empire, where its strategic location... (more)


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